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'Bar Roma'

Randers, Denmark

This enormous aluminum figure in Denmark lying in a plunged position, echoes the global debate on canceled historical statues. 


Installed in 2023, the sculpture “Bar Roma” in Randers, Denmark, lays as a massive piece crafted from spray-painted aluminum, stretching 26 feet (eight meters) in length. It portrays a cloaked figure that has toppled from a pedestal too small to support its weight.

Through his artwork, Danish artist Erik A. Frandsen challenges norms surrounding power and status within society. He actively engages in the global discourse on the removal of historical statues while also delving into broader themes of upheaval and the dismantling of symbols from past regimes across epochs.

The figure takes its name from Bar Roma in Tresigallo, Italy, a worn-down tavern that Frandsen frequented during his visits to multiple cities in the northern part of the country, immersing himself in exploring fascist art from the 1930s.

While Germany removed Nazi traces after World War II, Italy has retained its fascist-era architecture and symbols. Frandsen’s interest doesn’t stem from agreeing with these ideologies; rather, it’s driven by his fascination with beauty and humanity’s pursuit of greatness and perfection.

The Municipality of Randers allocated approximately €500,000 for the “Bar Roma” artwork, with an additional €200,000 sourced from donations. While some residents feel proud of the sculpture, others believe the funds should have been directed towards improving education infrastructure instead. The bold figure, weighing 3,200 lbs (1.6 tons), has also garnered criticism for its aesthetics, being dubbed “unsightly” and given mocking nicknames such as “Ronald McDonald,” “Count Dracula,” and “The Joker.”

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Accessible around the clock and positioned in the middle of the Thors Trappe stairs, above the northern end of the Østervold boulevard in central Randers.

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