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Barbie Beach

This ever-changing arrangement of naked dolls even caught the attention of "The Walking Dead" crew. 


There’s a strange, unexpected roadside attraction hiding within a tiny Georgia town. Drive along the highway through Turin, and it won’t be long before you come across a (mostly) nude Barbie beach.

The naked Barbie and Ken dolls have been lounging around in a six-by-four-foot stretch of sand for more than a decade. They’re arranged in an ever-changing display that matches various current events, like the Final Four playoffs, the Olympics, and even a royal wedding.

Barbie Beach is the brainchild of Steve and Linda Quick, two longtime Turin locals. They created their first sandy scene in celebration of the 2006 Winter Olympics, which just so happened to take place in Turin, Italy.

The Quicks have been, well, quick to keep the tradition strong ever since. They maintain a patch of their front lawn as Barbie Beach not just for their own amusement, but to add a touch of whimsical delight to the community. While some residents find it tacky, it’s become a charming, carefree part of Turin. When the producers of The Walking Dead (which was filmed in the same county) saw Barbie Beach, they were inspired to gift the owners with several zombie Barbies.

Know Before You Go

There are signs along the road for the beach. If you stop to take pictures, make sure you pull over off the road so cars can pass by.

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