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Bazalgette the Whale

Whale Park

There's something big lurking beneath the surface of this tiny Oregon park. 


There’s a huge gray whale lurking beneath the surface of a tiny park in Yachats, Oregon. At least, that’s what this whimsical sculpture wants you to believe.

The first thing visitors to Whale Park will notice is the metal whale tail sticking up from the grass. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear the ground in front of the tail is rounded as if the rest of the graceful giant were swimming just below the surface.

About once every minute, the whale announces its presence with a spray of water from a hidden source. When the sun hits it just right, it looks as if the underground whale is spouting rainbows. 

Officially known as Bazalgette the Whale, the bronze sculpture was created by local artist Jim Adler in 1995 and is designed to resemble a life-sized gray whale.

Know Before You Go

Carry a stopwatch or be good at counting if you want to search around for the spout without getting wet.  There is room for three or four cars next to the park on the northbound side of Highway 101.

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