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Beatles Monument

A beloved tribute to the Fab Four and the freedoms they inspired. 


This seemingly random, incongruous little monument in the capital of Mongolia commemorates not only one of the world’s most beloved bands, but also an important time in recent Mongolian history.

Set in a small square near the State Department store, the monument marks the place where, in Communist times, young Mongolians would assemble and listen to forbidden Western music and discuss ideas of freedom and democracy. The Beatles’ music is even credited with inspiring Mongolians to fight for their democracy.

On one side of the monument, you’ll see bas-reliefs of the four Beatles. Head to the other side, and you’ll uncover a depiction of a young man sitting on some stairs, strumming a guitar. This image pays tribute to the many Mongolian youths who grew up in the 1960s and 1970s and were inspired by the iconic group.

But though the tribute to the Beatles is a beloved part of the city, for a while, it seemed as though developers were not content to just let it be. In 2017, locals took to the streets to save the monument, which had been slated for demolition. Their protests paid off, and the monument still stands today.

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As it's located in a public space, you can walk by it at any time for free.

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