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Trondheim, Norway

A museum dedicated to Norwegian music, old and new alike. 


Dedicated to popular Norwegian Music since the 1950s, this museum was opened in 2010 and boasts an incredible collection of music, archives, and even instruments. The exhibition area is organized into rooms corresponding to different decades of Norwegian music.

Not only can the visitor listen to the music, but every panel of every room gives extra information, context, and sometimes archives about the band they would be listening to. The amount of detail and effort put into it is truly staggering.

As part of the main exhibition, the hall called “Instruments of Rock” consists of many musical instruments, recorders, amplifiers, plectrums and much more given by famous Norwegian bands.

The museum includes a few smaller exhibitions discussing reality TV’s effect on popular music, and the revolution due to the arrival of the internet. There is also a Norwegian Hall of Fame inside, updated periodically.

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