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Odda, Norway

Walk 2,300 feet above the ground on the "Troll's Tongue." 


Trolltunga is a spectacular example of the geological oddities that dot the Norwegian landscape.

The fittingly named “Troll’s Tongue” sticks out of a vertical mountainside above a 700 meter (about 2,300 feet) drop. The scenic cliff offers a magnificent view of lake Ringedalsvatnet in Skjeggedal. It was made thousands of years ago by water from a glacier freezing off part of the rock. 

Keep an eye on your feet as there’s no safety rail here. It is roughly an 8 to 10-hour hike roundtrip through mountains and waterfalls to the ledge.

In recent years, this spot has become more popular with travelers looking for that perfect Instagram shot. If waiting in line to take a photo isn’t to your liking, this might no longer be a good destination for you. The queue can be as long as over two hours during the high season in the summer. 

Know Before You Go

You can also get to Skjeggedal by public transport: take bus #995 from Odda. Guided tours are also available. The recommended season for Trolltunga is from June 15 to September 15.

If you aren’t going during the summer, pay attention to these dates: September 16 to October 28, as recommended with a guide; October 29 to February 16 is not recommended because it's highly dangerous; February 17 to June 14 are recommended with a guide to snowshoe.

All the hikes in Norway are at your own risk. As such, use appropriate clothing for hiking. Bring food, water, maps, and a first aid kit. There is no cellphone coverage in certain areas.

The hike to Trolltunga is pretty steep at certain parts. The trail is mostly fine in good conditions, but becomes challenging when it's raining or when it's foggy. Expect mud poodles, boulders, bare rock, and wet moss on certain parts of the trail.

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