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Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum

The quirky salon doubles as a retro museum run by the world's leading "hairstorian." 


Located next to some of the other quirky establishments that make Joshua Tree so special is the Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum, a bizarre collection of thousands of odd “hair-aphernalia.”

You can’t help but “ooh” and “ahh” at the strange assortment of vintage beauty tools that line the shelves of the salon’s pale pink walls, including a kerosene curling iron from the 1800s and wacky octopus-looking perm machines from the 1940s. 

This working hair salon is run by the world’s foremost “hairstorian,” Jeff Hafler. He has been collecting retro beauty products for decades, and displays his nostalgic treasures to the public within his workspace. 

The best part of the Beauty Bubble Salon and Museum is that you don’t have to have a hair appointment to enjoy the collection. Visitors can pop in anytime the salon is open to admire the assortment of retro gems and chat with Hafler, whose charismatic personality adds to the overall uniqueness of the experience.

Know Before You Go

Schedule an appointment in advance to enjoy the full package. Make sure you grab one of Hafler's business cards—a comb with his details—before you leave to set up your appointment. When you're done checking out his fascinating display, you can head over to the Crochet Museum next door.

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