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Located behind a secret door in a seemingly innocuous corner store, Bodega is a high end clothing store for the freshest kids in the city, the cred of which is probably going down just by being written about.

From the outside, Bodega appears to be simply another of the interchangeable convenience stores found on nearly every block of every major city. The windows are completely packed by dusty non-perishables, and the interior is not much better with every  inch of space selling snacks or household basics in a visually deafening assault of brand names. However, those in the know simply stroll past all this noise and head for the old Snapple machine in the back of the shop.

The machine is not that at all but a door that slides open to reveal a whole other store on the other side, this is the real Bodega. Neatly appointed, lacquered shelves hold the latest in street and skate fashion from shoes to shirts to jackets. The whole space is clean and orderly in a far cry from the cramped store front.

The outside of the shop does not advertise its presence, so any sneaker-heads looking for some retail therapy will just have to hear about it via word of mouth. Or this write up. They also don’t have a phone. Get real. 

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