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Bufones de Arenillas

Llanes, Spain

Stormy conditions send jets of seawater bursting through holes in the cliffs. 


These postcard-perfect Spanish cliffs have an impressive trick up their sleeve. When the sea gets rough, water shoots through holes in the rocks to create a series of natural fountains.

The Bufones de Arenillas (Jesters of Arenillas) are seawater geysers. Over time, the elements gnawed sizeable gaps within the karst rocks towering above the shore. There are about a dozen of these holes clustered together, which create the powerful phenomenon.

It’s best to view the geysers on stormy days, when the sea is particularly riled up. The water bursts skyward with a chorus of roars, howls, and whistles. Sometimes, the water will shoot upwards of 65 feet high. Don’t expect to see a show on calm days, when the sea is at peace. You’ll still be able to hear the wind rushing through the holes, which itself is an eerie experience.

Even if you miss one of the watery eruptions, it’s still worth wandering atop the cliffs, where green meadows roll inland. Be on the lookout for cows, sheep, and horses grazing peacefully.

Know Before You Go

You must be extremely cautious in their vicinity, as the force of the sea can send large rocks into the air in addition to water and sand. It's best to visit in autumn and winter, when the tides are stronger. The Jesters of Arenillas are located near the village of Puertas de Vidiago. You can park in the village and walk to the geysers on foot. 

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