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Cano's Castle

Gleaming self-built castle towers made from beer cans and inspired by "Vitamin Mary Jane." 


Cano’s Castle is a set of four gleaming towers, built single-handedly by Dominic “Cano” Espinoza, a Native American Vietnam vet. It is a wonder to behold.

Built largely out of beer cans and other metal refuse, for Espinoza the castle serves as a thanks for having his life spared during the Vietnam war. Cano’s castle is actually four separate structures. “The king”, “the queen”, “the palace” and “the rook”. The four story “king” house, covered in gleaming beer cans and hubcaps, is his crowning architectural achievement.

Cano says his main influences for the Castle are “Vitamin Mary Jane” and Jesus.

Update: The castle was badly damaged in a fire in January 2022.

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