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Indiana Jones Home

The childhood home of Henry Jones Jr. is now an adventure-themed bed and breakfast. 


In the beginning of the film, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, young Henry Jones Jr. is on the run from a gang of graverobbers. He finally hoofs it to his childhood home and the relative safety of his father. The real house where this scene was filmed has leaned into its cinematic legacy and become the Indiana Jones Home Bed & Breakfast.

When River Phoenix (playing a young Henry Jones Jr., Indiana was the dog’s name) bursts into the small home in the film, it appears to be a simple house built by some train tracks in the arid dustbowl. Sean Connery, playing his father, Henry Jones Sr., stands as an imperious figure in a murkily lit study. As Indy approaches him to show the Coronado Cross, his dad asks the young Jones to count to 10. He does so, but in English. So his dad interrupts him and say: “In Greek.” This short scene embodies the stern, and somewhat grim household of Jones’s childhood.

Today you can stay where this iconic scene was filmed. It is now a much more bright and welcoming B&B with white walls and modern fixtures. There are four units in the house, each given an Indiana Jones-ish name. There is The Holy Grail, The Crusaders, The Cortez, and The Coronado respectively. The decor is also lightly themed including a picture of Sean Connery still sitting over the hearth. 

On the outside of the home, the rustic mailbox bearing the Jones name is still affixed to the wooden fence, appearing exactly as it looked in the film.

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Signs point from Main Street to its location nearby. Another sign out front.

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