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Capsule Hotel

Survival capsules find a second life as a unique hotel. 


In the ’70s these would have been known as oil rig survival pods. Nowadays they’re hotel suites. The sometimes floating, sometimes land-based rooms were at one point something people never wanted to have to climb into. Of course, taking out the issue of basic survival and replacing it with modern amenities alleviates many concerns.

While the pods were very basic to start off with, they now offer a range of comforts, one even decked out as a fancy Bond-esque themed room, from the ’70s era, predictably à la The Spy Who Loved Me.

There are a variety to choose from, ranging from the basic, which is little more than the original, to the aforementioned Bond suite for the 00-agent looking for a quirky vacation stop, with martini supplies, emergency disco ball and some less-than-survival-necessary carpeting.

Created as an art project originally, and placed around Europe, they’ve clustered near a surf community in The Hague.

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Update May 2020: The hotel no longer appears to be available for booking. 

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