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World Peace Flame Pathway

Lumps of significant stone from around the world surround a flaming monument for peace.  


In 2004, a representative from every country recognized by the United Nations at the time donated a piece of their native geology with inherent cultural or symbolic importance to this tiny garden as part of a joint statement of world peace.

The Peace Flame has modestly burned inside a stone pillar beside The Hague’s Peace Palace and International Court of Justice since 2002. The flame is a daughter flame of one lit in Wales by the World Peace Flame Foundation in 1999, itself formed by seven flames lit on five continents that were specially flown in for the event.

The discreet rock garden in which the monument stands was added in 2004 and contains 197 stones from 197 countries arranged around a short circular pathway enclosed by a simple shrubbery. A key to the provenance of each of the stones stands beside the monument.

Some stones represent the typical or unique geology of the territory of the donor country. Others have a deeper significance, serving as a reminder of the darker sides of national and international history, such as Germany’s donation; a piece of the Berlin Wall, and the fragment from Nelson Mandela’s former prison on Robben Island, donated by South Africa.

Know Before You Go

The Pathway is just outside the Peace Palace, close to the Vredespaleis Tram and Bus stop. It is to the right of the main gate to the palace and is surprisingly easily overlooked.

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