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Carl Friedrich Gauss Monument

This German monument honors the so-called "Prince of Mathematicians." 


Braunschweig, Germany is the hometown of famed mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, a man whose contributions to almost every aspect of mathematics earned him the honorary title of Princeps mathematicorum, the Prince of Mathematicians. His much-lauded life and professional legacy are remembered at his birthplace with a tall bronze statue of the man himself.  

Born in April of 1777 in Brunswick (Braunschweig), Gauss was born into a poor household but soon distinguished himself as a child prodigy. He began making important mathematical finds while still in his teens and by the time he was 21 he had essentially invented Number Theory, publishing what is still a foundational work in the field. His math mastery did not go unnoticed and eventually the Duke of Braunschweig took him under his wing, sending him to the Collegium Carolinum in the city.

Gauss’ career continued to flourish as he did important work in fields such as astronomy, geodesy, and electromagnetism, even rediscovering the asteroid Ceres. Gauss died in 1855 still on top of his game. He was buried in the town of Göttingen, but his legacy was also honored in the city where he grew up. 

A bronze statue was created and now stands on a marble plinth in Braunschweig honoring the city’s favorite son, and one of the most brilliant mathematical minds in history.  

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