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Looking more like an abandoned Medieval Times restaurant than an actual castle, the lengthy edifice of what is now known as Castle Post was long thought to become just that, but when a fire struck the site during construction, its owner doubled down on the site, turning it into a posh B&B. 

Originally known as Martin Castle, named after its founder who had returned from a European trip with castle fever, the middle American fortress was put into construction in 1969. Unfortunately the original wealthy couple who were building the castle for themselves divorced in 1975 while the castle was still under construction. For decades the castle sat unfinished and unopened gathering rumors of it being turned into a theme restaurant or a museum. Neither of these came to pass however.

The site was eventually purchased by Thomas R. Post who began extensive renovations on the long dormant castle. However in 2004 a fire struck the construction site, ruining much of the progress that had been made. Despite the setback, Post redoubled his efforts on the property, sinking huge amounts of money into fixing the existing structure and adding new amenities such as a library, ball room, and full garden.

In 2008, Castle Post was opened as a luxury event location and bed and breakfast. However for most Versailles, Kentucky locals will likely continue to remember it as the enigmatic castle at the top of the hill.    

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