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Creative Ironwerks

A Foundry on a Sleepy Street. 


Sequestered on a sleepy street just off Lowry and Washington, this plain looking little compound is anything but.

Made up of a house, a couple additional buildings & garages, and a spacious parking lot, the property houses the workshop of Creative Ironwerks master, Chris, who creates functional iron art pieces such as furniture, hand-made fences, railings, spiral staircases, sculptures, and custom embellishments ie. the actual red stag outside of the Minneapolis restaurant Red Stag Supper Club.

The property’s other garage serves as a workshop for the Black Label Bike Club, whose tailor-made tall bicycles and other two-wheeled spectacles are worked on, tweaked, and customized on-site. Word on the street is that every once in awhile there might even be a band or two rocking out in the parking lot.

Know Before You Go

To go by bus, take the 17 from downtown Minneapolis (e.g. for Niccolet Mall). The bus stops at the intersection.

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July 26, 2011

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