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Den Uendelige Bro (The Infinite Bridge)

Denmark’s never-ending bridge. 


Located on Varna Beach on the outskirts of Aarhus is a bridge that leads to nowhere.

Consisting of a wood-paneled deck raised on steel legs, the simple form of the Infinite Bridge seamlessly connects the land with the sea as it stretches out into the Bay of Aarhus. The bridge forms a perfect circle overlapping the sand and sea. The height of the bridge decking above the water varies with the tide. The bridge spans 200 feet (60 meters) in diameter and provides a panoramic view across the bay and along the forest-lined stretch of beach.

The Infinite Bridge was designed by Danish architects Niels Povlsgaard and Johan Gjødes. It was constructed in 2015 for the biennial Sculpture by the Sea event.

The bridge is located on the site of a former historic pier. The bridge was one of 56 sculptures in the Aarhus area and was originally designed as a temporary display. However, the bridge was so popular, particularly with locals, that the bridge became a permanent piece of functional interactive artwork.

Know Before You Go

The Infinite Bridge is set up between May (week 19) until October (week 42). There is roadside parking beyond the bridge beside the Marselisborg Deer Park.

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