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El Carme Street Art

Vibrant street art created with mixed media. 


One of the most striking features in all of Valencia, Spain, is not a man-made structure or a natural wonder, but the amazing street art that lines the walls of El Carme. Highly artistic and vibrant, the street art here is not made using just aerosol cans and spray paint, but it created with mixed media - fine paints, aerosol, and much more. You can find the art everywhere, particularly in the younger barrios focused around nightlife.

It would not be uncommon when wandering the streets of this area to stumble on an artist spending hours painting a wall with brushes in the middle of broad daylight. Despite their ubiquity in the area, these artists don’t have permission from the city to do what they’re doing; the expectation, though, is that they’ll make something worth the time and worth looking the other way for.

One of the most spectacular spots is around Carrer d’En Gordó. An expansive space with abandoned, crumbling buildings and parking lots, Carrer d’En Gordó features the work of many up-and-coming street artists.

Know Before You Go

The nearest bridge from the river park is Pont del Real, En Gordo is parallel to Calle de Poeta Liern.

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April 24, 2011

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