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Electric Ladyland: The Museum of Fluorescent Art

The world's only museum devoted to the wonders of fluorescence. 


Not far from Amsterdam’s famous Anne Frank House is a small museum devoted to far more psychedelic matters. 

Owned and operated by pony-tailed artist Nick Padalino, Electric Ladyland can be found underneath the similarly-named street-level art gallery, Electric Lady. Electric Ladyland is the world’s first (and seemingly only) museum focusing solely on the magic of fluorescent light.  

On entering the basement exhibit visitors are surrounded by bulbous, otherworldly shapes creating a fully-immersive environment straight out of a Love Generation fever dream. When the black light comes on, the home-made shapes spring to life as every surface glows with a neon phosphorescence. Patrons are encouraged to explore the psychedelic space at their own pace, taking part in what the owners call “participatory art”. While the main attraction is the experiential room, the museum also features a large collection of rocks and other elements that naturally react to UV light. The glass case full of dull gray stones explodes with flecks of electric color under the black light. The collection also contains various ephemera related to fluorescence such as vintage black light play-sets and informational displays.

Anyone looking to experience the exhibit need not bother with any recreational drugs as walking through Electric Ladyland can feel like walking through an acid trip. An acid trip which also instructs you about the science of phosphorescence.  

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You need to book in advance to visit this attraction. See the museum's website for its up-to-date hours and directions on how to get there.

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