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In the shadow of Antwerp’s Cathedral of Our Lady, the building that now houses the Elfde Gebod has stood since 1425, surviving several wars and conflicts. It became property of the church at one point and was known as Het Paradijs (“The Paradise”). 

Today, the Elfde Gebod claims to be the oldest restaurant in Antwerp. The name means the “11th Commandment” in Dutch. The extra order from God, given to Antwerp exclusively, is quite simple and easy to follow: Thou shalt drink beer and enjoy thy life.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, considering Belgium’s reputation with this particular drink. The restaurant’s menu boasts a wide variety of brews, from authentic Trappist beers to local breweries’ offerings, as well as traditional Belgian food and desserts.

But the restaurant’s most unique aspect is its interior, which is filled to the brim with a great collection of Christian art, including antique statues and figurines of Jesus, Mary, saints, and angels, as well as the occasional humorously sacrilegious trinket. Despite these religious decorations, you’re sure to find the place more cozy than solemn as you enjoy your bier and frites in this historic eatery.

Know Before You Go

The restaurant is open every day from 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

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March 16, 2020

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