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The Enchanted Forest of Òrrius

Òrrius, Spain

A Spanish forest is filled with mysterious stone carvings. 


Tucked away in the quiet village of Orrius, is an enchanted forest— at least according to local legend.

Orrius is in the autonomous community of Catalonia, and located in Spain’s northeast, near Barcelona and along the Mediterranean coast. Its mysterious forest may be one of the region’s most magical, or at least mystifying places. Many say that the forest is haunted.

Entering the forest of Orrius is like stepping into a world of goblins, monsters, and covens. As you follow the forest trail, you’ll come upon figures carved in rock. Many resemble the famous heads of Easter Island, though there are also other shapes, such as a giant elephant. Local artists are said to have created the sculptures, and indeed, you can see signatures on a stone near the Elephant. The carvings and arrangement of figures implies some mystical or mythological factors at play—elements of space and boundary, earth and deity. Perhaps the figures are the entrance to another realm.

Some certainly seem to think so. The remains of animals have been found in the forest, suggesting possible sacrificial rituals. Some people believe the forest is home to gnomes or dwarves, who live in or below the different stone structures. There’s even a strange rock with a small door, where a few people can squeeze inside.

If you’re in Barcelona and want to make a short escape from the city to search for an alternate realm, the enchanted forest of Orrius awaits.

Know Before You Go

Orrius is a 50-minute drive from Barcelona, though there are also longer public bus options. Once you're there, your best bet is to ask a local to point you in the right direction.

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