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Factory Obscura Mix-Tape

An immersive art experience built by local arts collaborative, Factory Obscura, in the building formerly known as The Womb, a psychedelic arts center founded by the frontman of the Flaming Lips. 


Originally the Studebaker Building in Automobile Alley according to Boomtown by Sam Anderson “In 2011, …Wayne and “the Flaming Lips rented a large brick building downtown and, without asking the landlord or getting any of the necessary permits, had it painted overnight with explosive colors, complete with garish murals of robots shooting lasers and marijuana leaves stenciled on the sidewalk outside. The building’s front door looked like a giant abstract vagina. Wayne announces that it was going to be an art gallery called the Womb.” 

The Womb was an instant icon and over the years, home to gallery space, wild parties, a gift shop, a creative agency, warehouse space, video sets, a giant disco ball and glitter floor.

Today the building has been reborn as Mix-Tape, by Oklahoma City art collective Factory Obscura, creators of interactive, immersive experiences meant to “awaken wonder, build community, and make the world better.” Visitors passing by can enjoy an interactive window display called “Boombox” where pushing the buttons on a giant cassette tape player creates unexpected outcomes. Inside, you’ll find a 6000 square foot full sensory art experience based on the classic American art form that is the Mix-Tape. The space is rich in all sorts of nooks and crannies to explore, with strange tunnels to crawl through, a perfect recreations of a teenagers bedroom and many more interactive spaces designed around the emotions of Joy, Angst, Love, Melancholy, Hope and Wonder. The space was all derived from the music that has inspired the 30 Oklahoma artist-creators to build it.

Know Before You Go

Mix-Tape is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and has regular hours the rest of the week. The outdoor boom box can be accessed any time. Tickets are $17 per adult / $12 for children and an extra $1 for the diffraction glasses, which are highly recommended.

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