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Fort Lincoln Cemetery

Brentwood, Maryland

A historic cemetery with unique artwork, a Civil War fort, and also happens to be the site of the Battle of Bladensburg.  


Just beyond the Washington D.C./Maryland border is a large cemetery that was chartered in 1912. The cemetery is often overlooked, but once inside, it’s an unforgettable history tour. 

There are three significant historical spots located on the property. The first is one of the oldest colonial-era structures in the state of Maryland, the Old Spring House. Constructed in 1683, it’s a small white building that once cooled dairy products for the nearby house.

Second is the Civil War defense, Fort Lincoln. Visitors can see the former earthwork fortification marked today with cannons. Thirdly, the spot of the Battle of Bladensburg during the War of 1812 is located in the cemetery marked by a plaque. 

Throughout the cemetery are grand pieces of art from peace gardens to stone carvings of the “Last Supper”. The cemetery is also home to one of the grandest public mausoleums in the world. It’s very large, open to the public, and contains a beautiful garden. 

If you like history and unique art, this is a must-visit in the Washington, D.C. area.

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