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Funny Sex is permanently closed.

Funny Sex

Taiwan's only erotically-themed restaurant brings the comedy back to sex and dinner. 


Taiwan restaurant Funny Sex mixes traditional dining and a middle-schooler’s fascination with boobies to create an experience filled with mouth-watering dishes and inflatable penises.

Despite the statuettes of people in a variety of sexual positions and the breast-shaped everything, Funny Sex has a strict insistence that all of the accouterment in their establishment be funny. This is to say that anything considered “gross” or in poor taste is not welcome, as the restaurant’s focus is on the hilarity associated with sex as opposed to its ability to titillate. To this end the dining area is full of toys and trinkets for visitors to riff with, from huge inflatable penises to aprons with naked cartoon bodies on them. While guests wait for their food, inflatable sex dolls (clothed, although one can remove them) are placed at the tables for diners to interact with. Even the food itself is served in naughty configurations such as rice piles formed into a full penis and traditional Taiwanese stew which are served in bowls shaped into the form of a woman’s exposed chest. 

The centerpiece of the establishment is an enormous wooden penis which is enshrined in a trellis covered in Polaroids of people posing with the giant phallus. Even with this huge penis in diner’s faces, as well as all of the other body parts, Funny Sex manages to communicate its whimsical view of sex into an appetizing experience.    

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