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Garden Island Ship's Graveyard

Garden Island, Australia

The sullen remains of vessels abandoned in the Port Adelaide River. 


These vessels were abandoned during the early 20th-century and offer a unique exploration opportunity. 

Canoe tours are regularly available from the Garden Island ramp including boats and dinghies.

Located in the waters is the wooden hull of the six-masted sailing schooner known as the Dorothy H Sterling located in the middle of the channel. Close to the shore is the hull of the Santiago.

The highlight of this ship graveyard is a collection close to the shore near the Torrens Island bridge. Paddling through the rudder of the Glaucus is a great experience.

The ability to see up close the crumbling remains of a bygone transport era in South Australia is a unique opportunity. 

Know Before You Go

Adventure Kayaking SA is a company that does paddling tours of the ship's graveyard and the dolphin sanctuary.

Once launching, head northeast and then turn the corner of the Garden Island through the channel between the mangroves and circle back to the southwest— towards the Torrens Island bridge.

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