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Big Red Wagon

This playground sculpture of an icon from the past is dedicated to the children of the future. 


While anyone under the age of 40 is not likely to remember a time when kids were satisfied with toys as simple as a Radio Flyer wagon, the Big Red Wagon in Spokane’s Riverfront Park ensures that future generations of children don’t forget the wonder of those simpler times.

Built in 1989 as part of the “Centennial Celebration of Children,” the world’s largest Radio Flyer wagon is not just a sculpture to be viewed, but to be played on as well. The vintage toy replica stands 12 feet tall and is made of over 26 tons of concrete and steel. Children and adults alike are welcome to climb into the bed of the wagon, which is big enough to fit around 300 people. The giant white handle also acts as a slide so no one is tempted to just hop out of the towering toy. Simple red wagons may have lost some of their childhood cachet over the years, but this larger-than-life icon of innocence does a fine job of transporting visitors back to the days when imagination was king.     

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