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Hamelin Bay Beach

Hamelin Bay, Australia

Incredible rock formations jut from the southern end of this spectacular stingray-viewing spot. 


Not far from Cape Leeuwin, where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean, is a beautiful stretch of white sand. Visitors to the Margaret River region head here to see stingrays up close, as the beautiful animals glide through the water just off the shore.

The waves here are gentler than most of Western Australia’s beaches. You can wade through the shallow bay—giving the stingrays plenty of space, of course—or walk along the beach for miles.  

Those fixating on the stingrays often fail to notice the fantastic rock formations protruding from the earth along the beach’s southern end. Alternating layers of sandstone and coral rock jut out of the sand at crazy angles, creating what looks like some sort of sci-fi alien landscape.

The part of the beach with the crazy cool rocks is far less visited than the usual stingray-viewing areas. You’ll probably be alone with these formations, or see only a few fishermen farther south along the beach.

Know Before You Go

You’ll find the boat launch, parking lot, and observation deck for Hamelin Bay on Google Maps (the GPS coordinates above lead to the parking lot). It's about a 35-minute drive from the town of Margaret River. Please, do not harass or attempt to touch the stingrays.

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