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Hank's Harvest Foods

A small town market proudly displays numerous taxidermied animals along its walls. 


When strolling through the grocery store either as a seasoned local on a routine run to the cereal aisle or a vacationing out-of-towner desperately hunting for the Oreos needed to satisfy your late-night cabin craving, it’s not uncommon to come across some unique local charm.

Murals of mountains painted on the walls in Nevada or fishing poles next to the deodorant in Maine are par for the course, and a much appreciated break from the bland repetition of big chain grocers.

A less expected sight to glimpse out of the corner of one’s eye is the sight of a massive lion stalking and tackling a wildebeest through a dense forest of stacked dog food bags. That’s exactly what you’ll see, like it or not, at Hank’s Grocery in Twisp, Washington.

Scattered throughout the small town store are the stuffed or mounted carcasses of animals Hank himself has killed. He’s more than happy to have calm words with those who find his décor in poor taste. Hank is an avid outdoorsman and wildlife enthusiast who does his hunting among healthy, full populations of animals, with a bow an arrow. He uses his spare time and money to fund legal, organized, and ecologically sustainable hunting practices in Africa.

All in all, the mounted animals may actually be one of the more environmentally sound items in the grocery store.


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