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High Point Monument

Wantage, New Jersey

The highest point in New Jersey is marked by a massive, if simply named, obelisk. 


The highest point above sea level in the state of New Jersey is marked by the unmistakably named spire known simply as the High Point Monument.  

A little known fact (at least outside of the community of elevation enthusiasts known as “highpointers”) is that most US states have some sort of marker at their highest point, although some are grander than others. For the state of New Jersey, this point is located at the northwest corner of Kittatinny Mountain. At 1803 feet above sea level, the peak is the highest point in the state, made even taller by a massive stone obelisk. A 220-foot tall tower, the monument was built in 1927 to honor New Jersey’s war dead and is modeled after similar war memorials like the Bunker Hill obelisk. One can actually enter the huge spike and take in the sweeping vistas all around from four small viewing windows. Under renovation for a few years, the obelisk is now open again for climbing. The Appalachian Trail also runs through the park and near the high point.

Know Before You Go

A fee is charged to enter High Point State Park to access the high point. The cost is $10 per car with New Jersey license plates, $20 for out-of-state vehicles.

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