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Imagination Park

San Anselmo, California

George Lucas donated this park to honor the birthplace of his two biggest movie franchises. 


Head to the far end of this inviting park, and you’ll find familiar, sculpted faces waiting to greet you. The statues are rich with detail and memorialize two of the cinematic world’s most iconic characters.

Located in the downtown of picturesque San Anselmo, Imagination Park commemorates the birthplace of George Lucas’ two masterpieces, Star Wars and Indiana Jones, with two “life-sized” statues of Yoda and Indiana Jones.

While enjoying the success of his first popular blockbuster American Graffiti in 1973, George Lucas settled into his San Anselmo home and soon produced initial scripts for what would become his most outstanding creation. Star Wars. After years of working on his script, Lucas screened the first unedited footage of Star Wars in San Anselmo. In the following years, Lucas would also begin in San Anselmo his other career-defining franchise, Indiana Jones.

To commemorate the role the town of San Anselmo played in the creation of both Star Wars and Indiana Jones, Lucas donated Imagination Park and its statues to the community in 2013, with the goal to create a place where children and adults alike could stop for a moment of peace and, hopefully, inspiration.

The two statues were made by Lawrence Noble, who was a part of the Lucasfilm team during the production of the second Star Wars film. They rest upon a fountain nestled in between leafy trees at the far end of the park.  

The park itself is a place where families often stop to enjoy a treat, and despite its small size, is always home to children’s games. It now serves as a center for many local events, including the annual Christmas Tree lighting ceremony, which is always heavily attended. It has even become one of the most popular Pokemon Go hotspots in the area, with players descending upon the park with each new release. This small enclave of inspiration serves as a perfect reminder of the role the town played in Lucas’ creative career.

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In the middle of downtown San Anselmo, the park is surrounded by quaint and charming shops of all types, and is a block away from the coffee shop that remains Lucas’ favorite breakfast locale. Nearby, at 331 San Anselmo Avenue, lies the building where Lucas and his team created the entire soundtrack of Star Wars.

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