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Jaja Ding Dong

Húsavík, Iceland

A real-life homage to the Rachel McAdams and Will Ferrell's fictional Eurovision musical duo. 


For years, Húsavík was a low-key fishing village known for whale watching in Iceland’s Diamond Circle. Now, thanks to Will Ferrell and an Oscar-nominated power ballad, the tiny Nordic town has garnered international acclaim. At this beloved local bar, you can discover the whole fascinating story from proud Húsavík residents.

Netflix’s 2020 musical comedy Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga warmed hearts with the fictional story of a Húsavík pop duo Fire Saga’s (Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams) journey to the Eurovision Song Contest (a very real TV competition). The movie delighted former Húsavík council president Orly Orlyson so much that he spearheaded a viral Oscar campaign for its soundtrack and opened a Fire Saga-themed bar and Eurovision exhibition.

Named after Fire Saga’s feel-good anthem, JaJa Ding Dong is a cozy pub not unlike the Húsavík bar the film depicts. A well-made cocktail menu inspired by the film fuels singalongs and tipsy tours around a small gallery of sequined costumes and flashy props. Tours are sometimes led by Orlyson who is also a local celeb, having founded Húsavík’s Exploration Museum and personally led astronaut expeditions across Icelandic volcanic fields.

Don’t be surprised if you find him on a bar stool entertaining hosting explorers or Hollywood stars (they often stay at his family’s adjoining hotel) or even personally leading a round of JaJa Ding Dong. The song is, after all, requested by patrons as many as 30 times a day.

Know Before You Go

Honor Icelandic superstition and leave a little souvenir (like whiskey or biscuits) for Húsavík’s elves like Rachel McAdams does in the movie. Several tiny fairytale houses can be found outside the bar.

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May 12, 2023

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