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Jardin Public de la Fonderie

This former cannon foundry and castle for the Counts of Flanders is now a public garden.  


Located near the city center and various popular squares, this very flowery and friendly garden gives visitors the opportunity to discover the remains of the old cannon foundry inherited by Louis XIV between 1669 and 1670. Inside are the remains of the La Furibonde, a cannon melted in Douai in 1744 by Jean-François Bérenger.

Before Douai was invaded by Louis XIV in 1667, the area was home to the Castle of the Counts of Flanders. It was quickly converted into an arsenal and then destroyed by the king.

Abandoned since World War I, the foundry was renovated into a public garden in 1990 at the same time as the construction of the modern building to the west. The high acoustic quality of the garden allows for performances by musicians from the conservatory. The garden is not open at night or during storms.

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