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Kaliakra Transmitter

Massive, unfinished broadcasting station stands as a monument to the fall of communism. 


The former Soviet Union began work on the Kaliakra Transmitter in 1988, intending for it to act as a relay transmitter for Southeast Europe, but construction stopped a year later after the collapse of communism. At that time, nine of the ten planned masts, some soaring more than 500 feet into the sky, had been completed. Today, they stand unused as a monument to the consolidated power the region was once known for.

All of the masts associated with Kaliakra, an enormous facility, are grounded structures with a characteristic shape caused by cage antennas mounted on horizontal circular supports.

Outfitted with exceptional equipment already, Bulgaria’s broadcasting companies have shown no interest in taking over Kaliakra, which would require significant costs to maintain because of its sheer size. Foreign broadcasting transmitters similarly expressed no interest.

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August 22, 2010

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