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Kosmaj Monument

Koracica, Serbia

This spaceship-like Serbian monument reaches for the stars in celebration of the fallen fighters of fascism. 


The Kosmaj Monument (Kosmaj Spomenik in Serbian), is made of several freestanding concrete structures, each roughly 40 meters high, that taken together look a bit like a spaceship sent through time from a future envisioned in the 1970s.

Built in 1970 by sculptor Vojin Stojic and architect Gradimir Medakovic, the brutalist monument celebrates a group of partisan fighters in World War II who battled against the German occupation in the south of Belgrade. During the fighting, the battalions lost over 5,000 soldiers but their “guns of freedom kept shooting.”

The monument itself sits atop the highest peak in the region like some sort of Christmas star crowning a mountain-sized tree. According to modern visitors, the monument is in some disrepair and unfortunately, the locals do not seem to have any interest in restoring it. 

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