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Ketenovo, North Macedonia

Stone pillars and a petrified wedding party in the hills of North Macedonia. 


Grouped together in a tiny area of just 74 acres, 120 massive stone pillars stand at attention and have stood there for 100,000 years. Or, depending on your beliefs, since a local woman cursed her wedding party when her husband chose a different bride.

According to local lore, a man was struggling to choose between two women. Not able to make up his mind, he figured he would marry both on the same day and not tell the other. Unluckily for him, during his morning wedding the second wife came to check out the scene and was horrified watching her husband’s double-crossing nuptials. In a rage, she cursed the whole wedding party and they turned to stone where they stood and created Kuklica.

Whether you believe the legend or not, the area has a been described as having a somewhat mystic aura, and the stone formations, that were actually created by volcanic rocks and uneven erosion, have managed to draw in visitors for decades.

Getting to Kuklica is not an easy task and there are few signs marking the way. The easiest way to find the field of pillars is by asking a local or hiring a tour guide to lead you to the petrified wedding party.

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January 11, 2012

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