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Lady of the Lake

An abandoned aircraft sits submerged in a lake in the Alaska wilderness. 


The Lady of the Lake is what they call the ghostly remains of a WB-29 Superfortress, a weather reconnaissance aircraft that retired in 1955 that sits partially submerged in an Alaska lake at Eielson AFB.

Once used for open water extrication training until it became too dangerous to serve even that purpose, the Lady of the Lake was once a recon craft that flew over the North Pole.  Stripped of all parts and placed in the lake on the Eielson Air Force Base, she was used for training for several years, interrupted only by the winter weather. One spring, the water in the lake rose too high to reach her, so there she sits, until someone decides to rescue her, or at least continue to pretend to rescue her, over and over.


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Located on Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska. Military ID or visitor's pass is required for entry to the base.

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