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Lee R. Baxandall Bridge

The so-called "Bridge of Thighs" in Palm Springs allows nudists to discreetly cross the road. 


The resort town of Palm Springs, California is home to an unassuming but civically-essential pedestrian bridge that protects the modesty of those crossing it, and by doing so, prevents gawking-induced fender-benders amongst the traffic below.

Named after a prominent leader of the naturist movement, the Lee R. Baxandall Bridge spans North Indian Canyon Drive and connects the two sides of the Desert Sun, a Palm Springs, clothing-optional resort.

Also known as “The Naked Bridge” and “The Bridge of Thighs”, the 140-foot overpass was designed by Palm Springs City Council member and architect Chris Mills and was completed in 2003 at a reported cost of $500,000. Five-foot canvas panels ensure that only the heads of crossing naturists are seen, though a second layer of canvas was later added to further conceal overly-suggestive silhouettes.

Surprise your passengers by sharing the bridge’s true purpose while driving underneath, but please don’t stop your car and stare.

Know Before You Go

Drive north on N. Indian Canyon Drive, Look up shortly before reaching East Vista Chino.

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