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Lemmings Statue

A bronze tribute to the wildly popular video game from the '90s. 


In a small, pretty park in Dundee, Scotland, you could easily miss three bronze lemmings in varying stages of climbing onto a statue and peeping out from the top. The statues are dedicated to the early ’90s video game Lemmings, which was a runaway hit. The game was produced in a studio right near the statue.

The game, designed by DMA Design and released in 1991, featured anthropomorphized versions of furry rodents being led through several obstacles which they tried to escape. To celebrate this Dundee success story, local artist Alyson Conway created the statue of the lemmings trying to scale a stone pillar in Seabraes Park in 2013.

The three creatures are at various levels: the one who has scaled the top of the pillar is acting as a lookout, another is climbing up after him, and a builder is at the bottom.  

Know Before You Go

The statues are located in a park which is at the top of a hill and has some lovely views over the city. It can be accessed by a set of steep stairs or by longer walks which have less of a climb on either side of the park.

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