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What began as a small store in 1918 developed into a mega-complex known as Leonard’s Department Store by 1929. Brothers Marvin and Obie Leonard created the superstore, which encompassed six blocks in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

Leonard’s played an integral role in life throughout the 20th century. It boasted Fort Worth’s first escalator, provided coupons and cash vouchers for locals after World War II, hire African Americans during the early days of integration, and offered a plethora of store-brand alternatives for shoppers. The Leonard brothers even constructed a subway in downtown Fort Worth (allegedly the world’s only privately owned subway) that escorted shoppers straight to the store.

Leonard’s Museum is a collection of memorabilia and regalia including clothes, items, signs, news articles, and more that tell the business’ story and highlight how the Leonard brothers affected Fort Worth.

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The museum is free to enter. Enter through the M&O Grill next door. A refurbished train car from the original subway is located at One City Place, 300 Throckmorton St.

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