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Lobster Mickey is permanently closed.

Lobster Mickey

This "life-size" depiction of Mickey Mouse as a half-lobster is both whimsical and a bit creepy, standing guard over the Boston waterfront. 


For Mickey Mouse’s 75th birthday, Disney commissioned artists across the country to decorate 700-pound Mickey statues for their local region.

The Boston area really took that “local” part seriously. 

Artist Breanna Rowlette created “Lobsta’ Mickey,” a tribute to Boston’s close ties to seafood and linguistic accent. The six-foot-tall mouse is charming and strange at the same time…there’s something about a rodent with giant claws that can’t help but be a tad unsettling. He can be found at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. 

Update 2015: Sadly, Lobster Mickey is no longer present. He got auctioned off in 2005 for $9,000 to an unknown bidder.

Update 2023: Lobster Mickey is currently on display at Concepts on Newbury St, Boston.

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