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Los Tres Ojos

This trio of Dominican cave lakes comprise a colorful biosphere of natural life. 


Hidden in a natural limestone cave in the lush surrounds of the Dominican Republic the small group of subterranean lakes known collectively as Los Tres Ojos (The Three Eyes) are home to a good number of animal species and some truly stunning natural vistas.

Beginning life as prehistoric sinkholes the lakes were once underground caves that collapsed in on themselves and filled with water. The lakes are continually fed by an underground river that keeps the waters fresh and full. The constant flow into and out of the lakes brings a diversity of minerals, bacteria, and animal life into the site. This constant shifting causes the waters of the lakes to turn vibrant shades of greens and blues. In addition to the arresting colors the lakes are host to an abundance of turtles, bats, and fish. Surrounding each of the lakes is dense tropical foliage giving them the air of hidden jungle oases.

The Three Eyes also welcome a vibrant and diverse population of another species: the tourist. The site has become a popular destination for travelers looking to experience a little bit of the natural magic that the Dominican Republic has to offer. 

Know Before You Go

The admission ticket costs 200 RD. If you want to see the fourth lake you need to pay an additional 60RD at the boatsman at the fourth lake.

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