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Madrid's Walk of Fame

Just like in Hollywood, Madrid has also a forgotten walk of fame.  


The area around Plaza de España in Madrid is frequented by people who love movies in original versions and therefore, several cinemas show movies without translation in this zone. In front of two of them, The Golem Cinema and Renoir, there is a series of stars embedded in the sidewalks, and even moviegoers don’t realize the story behind it. 

In the year 2011, the Spanish Film Academy took the initiative to pay tribute to Spanish actors, actresses and filmmakers, embedding in the sidewalk stars with the names of the most renowned of them. The place chosen was Martin de los Heros, a street where there are located several Arthouse Cinemas. On June 27, 2011, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Academy, 25 stars were installed (one per each year) with such big names in the history of the Spanish Cinema as Luis Buñuel, Pedro Almodovar, Fernando Rey and Antonio Banderas, among others. 

While at first it seemed to be a desirable custom to put in a new star every year, only one more star was installed: The posthumous star dedicated to the Spanish filmmaker and actor Luis Escobar.

Know Before You Go

The Madrid Walk of Fame is situated at 14 Martin de Los Heros street close to Plaza de España. You can access it by tube via Plaza de España Station, lines 3 and 10.

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