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Mannakin Hall

Fulbeck, England

This 20-foot mountain is made up of some 15,000 mannequins—if you visit, you can even take a piece home with you. 


In the East Midlands of England, Roz Edwards has assembled one of the world’s most unique collections: a pile of mannequins so high they form a mountain. Edwards started her business during the 2007 recession, when many clothing stores were shutting their doors and looking to get rid of things like mannequins. Edwards rents out the plastic models to shows like Top Gear and The X Factor and supplies them to artists and the local police department, which uses them for target practice. Lady Gaga even groped one of her dummies while performing at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival.

“Mannequins attract our attention because if we see the shape of a human out of the corner of our eye, our survival instincts are geared to turn the head and look,” Edwards says. Which is probably why horror movies and music videos have used Mannakin Hall as a spooky backdrop. Edwards also hosts a yearly Halloween event with an accompanying film festival and a year-round historical escape room game with, of course, mannequins as props. 

Visitors can even take part of the mountain home with them: £50 allots you 15 minutes to fill the trunk of a car with as many mannequins as you like. It might be the world’s most unique souvenir, but don’t get too handsy: Customers can’t climb the mountain and are limited to five pairs of hands, given that they’re the most likely part of a mannequin to break and Edwards needs the extras for repairs. 

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