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The Gothic Bank

This Melbourne bank has unique Gothic-style architectural features and is one of the most majestic operating bank branches in the world.  


Completed in 1887, the Melbourne Gothic Bank is comprised of three buildings renowned across the city for its special interior and exterior design. It’s widely known as one of the finest secular Gothic-style buildings in Australia, and one of the most unique and special bank branches in the world.

Today, the bank is one of ANZ’s central headquarters and home to the ANZ Banking Museum. This museum explores the history of banking in Australia through displays of money boxes, firearms, uniforms, and even gold-mining equipment. 

The building was initially established as the head office of the English, Scottish, and Australian Bank. Interestingly, Sir George Verdon, the general manager of the bank at the time, lived on the top two floors shortly after the bank was built.

The complex of three buildings is composed of the Gothic Bank itself, the former Melbourne Stock Exchange, and the Safe Deposit building, all of which were integrated in the early 1920s to form one site. William Wardell was the original architect and designer of this fascinating bank and the majestic Gothic-style leaves a remarkable legacy. It is a symbol of the post gold rush economic boom in this part of Australia at that time. 

In 1990, all three buildings were extensively restored and this ambitious restoration project won many awards due to its architectural significance. Visitors to this bank branch can use ATM machines and sort out financial issues, while also taking in the remarkable gargoyles, stained glass windows, unique pillars, and interior design inside.

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