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Memento Mori Oddities Shop is permanently closed.

Memento Mori Oddities Shop

A genuine Little Shop of Horrors. 


Opened in 2013 by photographer Mattaeus Ball and model Starla Rose, The Memento Mori (now Decorus Macabre) store presents a vast collection of odd antiques, macabre artefacts and modern artworks, as well as a large array of flea market treasures that the artist used to provide through his Etsy store. 

Pay a visit and you’ll be struck by the melancholic beauty of Lizzie – the Victorian skeleton and mascot of the shop who lies in a glass coffin like a morbid version of Snow White, a bouquet of dead flowers in her hand. Unique in the area, Memento Mori is a mandatory stop if you are in the Bournemouth area for a treasure hunt revolving around old and antique things, specialising in the macabre.

Update 2018: Memento Mori is now closed and Decorus Macabre has taken its place, specializing mainly in human bone articulation and ethically sourced oddities and antiques. You can find them at 

Know Before You Go

Now online and private viewings only. You can usually find Decorus Macabre at tattoo conventions and the like.

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