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Military Structures of Hiiumaa

Tahkuna, Estonia

Wars fought and wars won are remembered by these abandoned bunker ruins. 


Along the coast of the Estonian islands of Saaremaa and Hiiumaa, a number of forts and other military structures have cropped up as history continuously proved an ongoing need for protection from those across the sea.

After World War II, the need for defense lessened, but the island of Hiiumaa still has a number of forgotten sentries. These abandoned husks are all that remain of buildings that once kept watch over the roiling waves; garrisons, dots, watchtowers and fire towers stand along the west coast of the island, left just as they were when the Soviets took their leave. 

Most of these forgotten structures can be visited freely, assuming you are able to find them scattered about the forest. A former radar base was recently transformed into a military museum, showcasing a big collection of objects and technique demonstrations from the long-gone bases and historical times of war. The museum will also give the adventurous directions to the bunkers in the forest, as well as other military objects to be explored around the island.

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