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Miroir d'eau

The world's largest reflecting pool is just two centimeters deep. 


The reflecting pool in Washington DC may be the most famous feature of its kind, but it is by no means the largest (or most fascinating). That honor goes to the Miroir d’eau in Bordeaux.

Taking up a massive square in front of the Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux, the Miroir d’eau is a one-of-a-kind reflecting pool that people can actually walk over. Built in 2006, the so-called pool, which is also known as the “Quay Mirror,”  is actually made up of a field of granite slabs which are covered in two centimeters of water, creating a sort of giant mirror (Miroir d’eau translates to “Water Mirror”). The giant public feature covers over 37,000 square feet, making it less of a pool and more of a small lake. 

During the summer months, the shallow skin of water can be turned into a fog of mist by a mechanism hidden beneath the slabs. In a way, it is never deeper than when the square is covered in a few feet of mist. Other than this feature, the pool generally sits as a quiet, if giant, puddle.

If you’re looking for a slightly damp stroll, or even to cool off your feet in the summer heat, the giant reflecting pool is the place to be.

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