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Monet's Pond

Seki-shi, Japan

This pond is so stunning it looks like you've stepped into one of Monet's masterpieces. 


Claude Monet’s softly colorful Water Lilies paintings are some of the most beautiful and famous of the Impressionist era. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to see those lovely tranquil scenes through Monet’s eyes, this small pond in Japan’s Gifu Prefecture is about as close as you can get.

The coloration of the aptly nicknamed Monet’s Pond is so profound you’d think there must be some artificial lighting or dye at play. The neon-looking plants are insanely vibrant, the water is crystal clear and shimmering, and the water lilies and bright koi contrast spectacularly with the dark pond beneath them. 

But amazingly, there are no visual effects whatsoever. Monet’s Pond is naturally just that beautiful.

Located in Seki city, the small body of water, just 60 feet long, remarkably resembles the pond in the French painter’s famous Water Lilies series, which actually depicts the Japanese garden at his home in Giverny, France.

The pond can be found via a short path that circles the pond. If you’re looking for a bit more of a hike, you can climb a little farther to Nemichi Shrine, a Shinto place of worship.

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