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Møns Klint

Borre, Denmark

A natural wonder in south Denmark. 


For a country famous for never being more than 52 kilometers from the ocean, Denmark does not lack in beaches. However, Møns Klint is a beach unlike any other.

Upon arriving, one is greeted by a thick forest of twisting tree trunks and precarious hills. The forest can only be described as ancient; it is no wonder fossils were found here. Upon descending the steep and winding staircase, visitors are greeted with a humbling view of towering chalk-white cliffs contrasted by a teal sea. The large, bleached cliffs provide a unique backdrop for a day at the beach. 

Formed by shells of millions of microscopic creatures, the chalk cliffs were formed when glaciers began to move west. They then emerged when the ice melted away. Visitors also sometimes find fossils of shellfish mixed into the rocky beach. In addition to the unique geological setting, the chalky soil makes a variety of unique plants and marshes possible. 

Visitors can play on the rocks littered in the shallow surf or simply sit and listen to the ineffable sound of the waves hitting the rocky beach. Other activities include camping, hiking or cycling along the tops of the cliffs, kayaking, or visiting the visitor center for information about the fossils and rocks found at the site. Møns Klint remains untouched by time and a visit here evokes that boundless feeling. 

Know Before You Go

The easiest way when visiting without a rental car is the bus system. There's a train that will take you south from Copenhagen to Vordinborg St.; after that, it is just 2 bus rides to the beaches. The busses usually run every hour. Be mindful though, during the off-peak season, some busses run every 2 hours. If one does find himself stranded for 2 hours in one of Denmark's tiny country towns, it is definitely not a bad place to explore.

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