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Limhamn Limestone Quarry

This quarry filled with 65 million-year-old limestone is now home to a nature reserve.  


The limestone inside this famed quarry is believed to have formed around 65 million years ago and is heralded as a unique natural wonder. All just a bike ride away from the center of Malmö.

The quarry is home to thousands of different plant and animal species. Beginning in the mid-1800s, it was the site of a cement factory that was once the backbone of the Malmö economy, until the last mining explosion in 1993. Only a few remanents of the site’s past mining activities can be found as many were removed around 2010.

The quarry is well known for the huge amounts of fossils found and collected around the site. Local schools often organize trips where kids can go fossil hunting. 

There is also a lake nearby, home to eagle owls, peregrine falcons, harriers, deers, foxes, hares, and a variety of other animals. 

Know Before You Go

Easy to reach by car, bus, or bike. The majestic views can be observed from many panorama points around the quarry. To visit the site you need to book an appointment with Malmö Stad through the website. Admission is free.

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